​We also design and fabricate Entertainment/Gaming Cabinets for 2014 Gaming Consoles under no affiliation with Microsoft, Sony, or Nintendo. Call for immediate pricing.



Royals Remodeling and Design Company also offers a wide range of conversion concepts for your Motor Coach Remodeling. We view Motor Coach work in a uniquely detailed fashion, completing projects using top quality woods and chemical finishes. We supply a turnkey service, providing old product removal, new sound and entertainment product recommendations, electrical management, and Furniture Grade Cabinetry installations.

We are in the process of Prototyping  "Green" Bedroom Furniture that can be viewed and ordered online with the Veneer Selections of your choice. Our furniture will spark your interest in Design and Price. Look for Bedroom Pieces such as Short and Tall Dressers, Bed Side Tables, Lingerie Dressers, Armoires, and King and Queen Sized Bed Sets.

Our initial Designs will leave the door open for your own custom requirements.

Scroll through our Gallery to determine which piece sparks your interest, from Promotional Product item, to a One of a Kind Commercial or Residential and Entertainment piece.

We have 25 years of experience in fabrication, utilizing many different forms of construction and finishing.

Let us provide an exclusive item for your Home or Commercial needs.

Let Royals Remodeling and Design Company design, fabricate, and deliver a Promotional Product for your Corporate Year End Events. Send us your Design, or let us do the Design work for you, to promote those High Achievers in your Company. Every visual detail counts.




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